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"This is how God will Speak to People!"

As refugees flee to the United States from all around the world, LHF books are hard at work sharing the Gospel with them, especially for those helping the displaced find their next steps.

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Rev. Mark Moss Accepts Call to LHF

Rev. Mark Moss, who has exceptional experience in translation and missions, has accepted a call to serve at the Lutheran Heritage Foundation in Michigan as LHF mission engagement associate.

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International Students Learn About Jesus

Immigrants aren’t the only people coming to America who need to be introduced to Jesus. More than 1,000,000 international students are enrolled at U.S. schools this year.

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LHF's at work in almost 100 countries around the world. Use this interactive map to learn more about where and how LHF's books are being used! Please allow a few moments for the map to load.

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"We need your help!"

“This is how God is going to speak to people!”

Watching the terrifying scenes from Afghanistan unfolding, Yvette began to mentally prepare. Soon there would be a flood of Afghan families arriving in her area, and she needed to be... Read More

Amharic-Speaking Family Needs Child’s Garden

Dear LHF, I would like to receive A Child’s Garden of Bible Stories in Amharic for my daughter and another family member (2 copies).  The book will be used to... Read More

Catechisms Requested in Many Languages

Every day, LHF receives requests just like these for the Small Catechism in a multitude of languages. These are just a few of those requests: Hello, I would like to... Read More