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Muslim Immigrants Embrace Catechism

Since 2015, streams of refugees & migrants have been coming to Europe. Now hundreds of Iranians and Syrians find themselves in unfamiliar places. Amidst the confusion, God's peace beckons.

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Medical Mercy Team Shares Good News

We’d packed 50 French-language A Child’s Garden of Bible Stories & delivered them to 3 different churches. Those who received them were absolutely thrilled. I wish we could have packed more!

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Spread the Gospel through Thrivent

“Thrivent seed money can provide LHF books - and introduce [a variety of communities] to the Savior," said Rev. Rod Benkendorf. "It's a wonderful way to reach out with the love of Christ!"

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Many Lutheran churches around the world don't have the books vital to understanding the Lutheran faith because no one had translated them into their languages. LHF is working to change that.

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Mission trip needs Spanish Child’s Garden

Hello LHF, I am writing to inquire about the availability and possibilities of getting some copies of the paperback A Child’s Garden of Bible Stories in Spanish.  We are going on... Read More

Russian woman needs Catechism

Dear LHF, I have a young lady coming to my church whose English is exceptionally good, but whose first language is Russian. Could I get a Russian Small Catechism for... Read More

Wisconsin Church needs Catechism for Outreach

Hello LHF, We have several new people in our community that are looking to join our congregation but we need to work on doctrine with them. I’ve heard you have... Read More