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Spanish-speaking kids receive Gospel

In Mid- and South-American cities ridden with poverty and drugs, the Gospel light gives hope through Spanish versions of the Bible with Small Catechism and A Child's Garden of Bible Stories.

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Catechism distributed in Cambodia

More than 300 people from many Christian denominations enthusiastically received their own copies of LHF’s Khmer Small Catechism at Cambodia’s recent National Day of Prayer gathering.

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The LHF Match is Back!

If you haven't given to the LHF mission in the past 12 months, you (or your church/organization) is eligible for the LHF Match, a dollar-for-dollar match of your gift of up to $5,000.

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Many Lutheran churches around the world don't have the books vital to understanding the Lutheran faith because no one had translated them into their languages. LHF is working to change that.

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Swedish woman needs Farsi Catechisms for evangelism

Hello, I am looking for the Small Catechism in Farsi. Do you have any copies left? If possible, I would be happy for 3 copies for different parishes around where... Read More

Ukrainian orphan seeks God’s Word

Hello, I would like to request a copy of Luther’s Small Catechism and A Children’s Garden of Bible Stories in Russian.  We are hosting an orphan from Ukraine this summer... Read More

Russian woman needs books for daughter’s confirmation

Hello LHF, I met a representative from the Lutheran Heritage Foundation at the Michigan District Convention a couple weeks ago, where I served as a lay delegate. My dear friend,... Read More