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God's Word Comforts in Venezuela

What is a pastor - or a church body - to do as their country falls apart? It’s a very real question for the people of Venezuela, where access to food and medicine is extremely limited.

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The LHF Match is Back!

If you haven't given to the LHF mission in the past 12 months, you (or your church/organization) is eligible for the LHF Match, a dollar-for-dollar match of your gift of up to $5,000.

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Devotion Booklet Makes Worldwide Impact

Jesus never fails. When facing difficulties in life, it’s a message that Christians worldwide need to be reminded of. Rev. Rahn's devotion book shares this Gospel message globally.

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Many Lutheran churches around the world don't have the books vital to understanding the Lutheran faith because no one had translated them into their languages. LHF is working to change that.

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Houston pastor needs Chinese books

Dear LHF, My name is Pastor Paul and I serve as a headmaster and pastor in Houston. We serve a number of Chinese families at our school and I would... Read More

Jesus Never Fails tract highly requested

Dear people of LHF, A member of my congregation read the Jesus Never Fails tract, pulled a $100 bill out of his pocket, and said, “order a bunch of these.”... Read More

Woman needs Jesus Never Fails for congregation

LHF, I would like to order 100 copies of Jesus Never Fails for my $50 donation. I will share them with my congregation members, encouraging them to give them to... Read More