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Catechisms for Ukrainian Refugee Kids

This Christmas in Ukraine, your donations to the LHF mission made it possible for the Ukrainian Lutheran Church to present a gift to refugee children: Luther’s Small Catechism in Ukrainian.

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Mozambique: Building a Lutheran Church

We thank God for the Lutheran Heritage Foundation for being our tireless partner, chosen by God to help us here in Africa. Most of our members are using Luther's Small Catechism in Chisena!

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Sharing Faith in ex-Communist Georgia

As in other Soviet Union countries, the imposed atheism took a toll on Christian families in Georgia. When those 70 years of trial were over, Georgia was open again to the Christian witness.

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“This is how God is going to speak to people!”

Watching the terrifying scenes from Afghanistan unfolding, Yvette began to mentally prepare. Soon there would be a flood of Afghan families arriving in her area, and she needed to be... Read More

Amharic-Speaking Family Needs Child’s Garden

Dear LHF, I would like to receive A Child’s Garden of Bible Stories in Amharic for my daughter and another family member (2 copies).  The book will be used to... Read More

Catechisms Requested in Many Languages

Every day, LHF receives requests just like these for the Small Catechism in a multitude of languages. These are just a few of those requests: Hello, I would like to... Read More