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Muslim Immigrants Embrace Catechism

Since 2015, streams of refugees & migrants have been coming to Europe. Now hundreds of Iranians and Syrians find themselves in unfamiliar places. Amidst the confusion, God's peace beckons.

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The LHF Match is Back!

If you haven't given to the LHF mission in the past 12 months, you (or your church/organization) is eligible for the LHF Match, a dollar-for-dollar match of your gift of up to $5,000.

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Spread the Gospel through Thrivent

“Thrivent seed money can provide LHF books - and introduce [a variety of communities] to the Savior," said Rev. Rod Benkendorf. "It's a wonderful way to reach out with the love of Christ!"

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Explore the LHF database. LHF has translated nearly 1,000 titles in more than 90 languages.

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Many Lutheran churches around the world don't have the books vital to understanding the Lutheran faith because no one had translated them into their languages. LHF is working to change that.

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Prison Ministry needs Spanish Bibles

Hello LHF, Our pastor is doing a prison ministry at our local jail. Several inmates have requested Spanish Bibles. We are wanting to know how many paperback Spanish Bibles with... Read More

Woman needs Chinese book for friend’s son

Dear LHF, Thank you for your work worldwide! I go to Faith Lutheran Church in Illinois. I was privileged to meet Rev. Dr. Heise last year. I have a friend... Read More

Church needs Spanish Bibles for Outreach

Hello, LHF! I would like to order a few Spanish Bibles with Catechism appendix for my congregation. We have a sizable Spanish-speaking community in Roswell. Thanks, Anthony Read More