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Holy Spirit works in Haiti's Catechism

“We had been concentrating on the people’s physical needs. [Suddenly], I realized that we’ve been neglecting their spiritual needs." Then, Sue requested Haitian-Creole Catechisms from LHF.

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The LHF Match is Back!

If you haven't given to the LHF mission in the past 12 months, you (or your church/organization) is eligible for the LHF Match, a dollar-for-dollar matching YOUR gift of up to $5,000.

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Save the Date!

LHF will be celebrating our 25th anniversary with a special dinner on Saturday, Nov. 10. Meet international Lutheran leaders who will share how LHF has helped spread the Gospel worldwide.

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Explore the LHF database. LHF has translated nearly 1,000 titles in more than 90 languages.

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Many Lutheran churches around the world don't have the books vital to understanding the Lutheran faith because no one had translated them into their languages. LHF is working to change that.

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Dinka materials needed to minister to South Sudanese immigrants

Hello! I’m a pastor in Western Iowa, and I am ministering to some South Sudanese people that speak Dinka. I found on your website that you have the Small Catechism... Read More

Mission trip to Tanzania needs books

Dear LHF, I am taking another team to Tanzania for a three-week mission in June/July and wanted to take 20 copies of A Child’s Garden of Bible Stories in Swahili,... Read More

Chinese visitors to a church need Luther’s Catechism

Greetings LHF! I have two individuals attending my church who are from China. They want to learn more about the Lutheran faith and I was wondering if I could receive... Read More