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5 New Catechism Translations

More than 40,000 copies of Luther’s Small Catechism, translated by LHF into 8 different languages, have arrived in Nairobi, Kenya for distribution throughout East Africa.

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Translator Falls Asleep in Christ

We honor the memory of Rev. Dr. Anssi Simojoki, former LHF translator and a missionary to Africa who passed away at his home in Finland. He was 75.

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Confirmand Sends Gospel to Nigeria

When Chipper reached confirmation, he decided to share the Gospel he'd professed his faith in with his Christian brothers and sisters in Nigeria by giving his monetary gifts to LHF.

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"We need your help!"

Chinese Family Needs Bible Explanation

Hi, LHF. I have been witnessing to a Chinese family who now lives in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. They were recently given a Bible. I noticed that you have a book available... Read More

Detention Center Chaplain Needs Books to Distribute

Remember Chaplain Cameron? His work distributing LHF materials in an ICE detention center in Louisiana was featured in the March 2020 Word at Work newsletter. Click here to read his... Read More

English teacher in Africa needs Somali Bible storybook

Dear LHF, I would like to request A Child’s Garden of Bible Stories in the Somali language. I am moving to the horn of Africa to teach English and would... Read More