International Community Ripe for Outreach

International Community Ripe for Outreach

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Greetings in Christ Jesus,

I am a pastor in Burlington, ON, Canada. My congregation is situated in a relatively diverse and vibrant suburb community, and I am looking for copies of Luther’s Small Catechism in a variety of languages to be available for handing out, or loaning to visitors of various language groups. It would be nice to have copies in: French, Nuer, Spanish, Portuguese, Ukrainian, Korean, Farsi, Arabic, Japanese, and Chinese.

We will use these books exactly how they are meant to be used – to teach the faith. Unfortunately, my language abilities are limited to English and the biblical languages… so , while I teach in English, it would be nice for those that learn to have the Catechism (and Scriptures) in their mother tongue.

A good friend of mine gave me his copy of the Farsi catechism to give to a young man from Iran, who had recently moved into our neighborhood and began attending church services with us. Although he had grown up Muslim, he was quite interested in learning about the Christian faith, and had many questions that had led him through his journey to our door by God’s grace. He and his younger brother were baptized into the Christian faith at Easter Vigil, and his mother is now reading the Catechism and will – also by God’s grace – begin instruction in the next few months.

Thank you!
Rev. David Z.