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LHF staff on KFUO Radio  
Listen online to LHF staff talking about the mission on KFUO radio archives:

His Time: LHF Executive Director Rev. Matthew Heise talks about recent travels to Turkey, Albania and Ethiopia.

His Time: LHF's recent wwork in Mongolia is spotlighted by KFUO host Rev. Jonathan Fisk.

His Time: KFUO host Rev. Jonathan Fisk talks with LHF Executive Director Rev. Matthew Heise about the kinds of books LHF publishes and the challenges of translating theological works precisely.

His Time: Guest host Rev. Craig Donofrio interviews LHF Executive Director Rev. Matthew Heise about the history of the Lutheran church in Russia and about his recent travels there to teach at the Ingrian Lutheran seminary. LHF director of operations, Jeff Rahn, joins the conversation to discuss LHF at work in places like Ethiopia, Vietnam and Lithuania.

Faith and Family:
Rev. Larry Rockemann, LHF church relations, and Rev. Stephen Heimer, an LCMS pastor in El Paso, Texas, discuss how Rev. Heimer is using the Spanish Bible with Small Catechism to share the Gospel with Spanish-speaking detainees along the U.S.-Mexican border.

His Time: LHF's new executive director, Rev. Matthew Heise, talks about the importance of LHF books in the mission field.

Reformation Rush Hour: Host Rev. Craig Donofrio talks with LHF founder, Rev. Robert Rahn, about LHF's dedication to translating and publishing books like Luther's Small Catechism, as well as ways LHF can help you share the Gospel with immigrants here in the United States. 

His Time: Rev. Nicholas Salifu, a Lutheran pastor in Ghana and LHF translator for Kusaal-language materials, discusses the growth of the Lutheran faith in Ghana with host Rev. Randy Asburry.

WLN Digest Minute: Rev. Ted NaThalang, coordinator of LHF projects in Southeast Asia, discusses the growth of Lutheranism in that part of the world.
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