25 Years in Mission: South America

Categories: Americas, Catechism, Dominican Republic, LHF History, Spanish

Dominican Republic

Rev. David Preus
LCMS missionary

In the Dominican Republic (DR), a predominantly Catholic culture, it seems the issues faced by the Lutheran Reformation are more relevant to this culture than perhaps others.

Steeped in medieval-like Catholic superstition, it is common practice for Dominican priests to charge their people for religious services. Much as in Luther’s day, the Gospel comes across as fresh good news in the face of the abuses of the Catholic Church.

Throughout the DR, and indeed, across all of our Latin American missions, LHF’s Spanish Bible with Small Catechism is used in our churches and schools.

In Palmar Arriba, a man named Antonito was greatly dissatisfied as his priest didn’t teach him any Christian doctrine. After finally landing in the Lutheran Church, he began to read Luther’s catechism printed in the front of the Bible. He exclaimed to me: “The Lutherans make it simple and clear!”