Sudanese refugee replaces lost Bible storybook

Categories: Book Requests

Dear LHF,

I found your website talking about your Bible stories book in Arabic while doing some research trying to replace something precious that someone in my church lost last year in a house fire.  My friend Ahklas and her family are refugees from Sudan, and in the fire she lost her Arabic copy of Bible Stories that she had used to read to her children no matter where they have lived.  Recently, she revealed in conversation how hopeless she felt it would be to find a replacement here in the US.  As an organization that works missions and with refugees, I’m sure you know how important it is for people to be able to share the story of our God in their native language.  Is there any way I can buy a few copies of your book?  I’d love to support you and be able to replace what has so sadly been lost by my church mate.  Thank you so much for reading my request.