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One of the most generous supporters of the LHF mission is the Lutheran Women's Missionary League (LWML). Through their "mighty mites," the women of the national and district LWMLs have provided for the translation and publications of dozens of LHF books around the world.

If you are an LWML member and would like to sponsor an LHF mission project for consideration at your next district or national convention, please contact the LHF office at (800)554-0723 or send an email to pr@LHFmissions.org. LHF staff members can complete the necessary paperwork and provide any necessary photos. Your help in gathering any required signatures from your church LWML or district personnel would be greatly appreciated.

Recently-adopted LWML/LHF projects include:

2013 National LWML "Telling the Next Generation": Lutheran Books for Families in Southeast Asia
2014 Kansas  "Mon Ami, Jesus": Lutheran Books for French-Speaking Africa
2014 South Dakota Standing Firm in the Face of Islam: Lutheran Books for Turkey
2014 Utah-Idaho Sowing the Seeds of Faith in Ghana
2014 Oklahoma Faith Alive: The Spanish Bible with Small Catechism
2014 Gulf States How Can I Understand? Lutheran Books for Families in Ethiopia
2014 Central Illinois Lutheranism 101 for Latvia
2014 Texas Sharing the Savior with Muslims: The Arabic Small Catechism
2014 Iowa East Lutheran Books for Iowa Immigrants and Campus Ministries
2014 Washington-Alaska Sunday Sermons for South Africa
2014 Nebraska North Final Year Seminary Education for New Sudanese Pastors
2014 Minnesota South How Can I Understand? Lutheran Books for Families in Ethiopia
2014 The Carolinas All Around the Neighborhood: Lutheran Books for Immigrants

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