Catechisms Requested in Many Languages

Categories: Book Requests, Catechism, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese

Every day, LHF receives requests just like these for the Small Catechism in a multitude of languages. These are just a few of those requests:


I would like to acquire a copy of Luther’s Small Catechism in Japanese. There is a woman who has asked to be baptized (the mother of one of our parochial school children) but her English is minimal. I am planning to catechize her and her husband (who is from Scotland) and baptize their children.


Christopher E.



I would like to order the most recent edition of the Small Catechism in the Thai language to help me catechize a woman at my congregation who was raised in Thailand as a Buddhist. She does read and speak English reasonably well but I think having it in her native language would be a blessing for her.

Joseph M.



I am looking for books in Vietnamese. My husband and I have become good friends with the owner of a restaurant in our area who has been in the United States for 30 years. He and his wife are not Christian. We don’t know if they practice any religion. What books do you have available in Vietnamese? We would love to be able to share our faith with our friend and his wife. We believe he would be more likely to read the Bible, Small Catechism or Children’s book of Bible Stories, if it were written in his mother tongue, or first language.

Thank you, much!

Tammi C.