Catholic convert wants more Lutheran materials

Catholic convert wants more Lutheran materials

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Dear LHF,

I am a third year medical student living and studying in Lublin, eastern Poland and am a member of the Polish Lutheran church. I learned about LHF from the pastor of our congregation when he gave me a copy of Mueller’s Christian Dogmatics. I have a sufficient grasp of English to read the original or the translation of Pieper’s opus magnum but for the benefit of my relatives, friends and my future family I feel the urgent need to acquire solid confessional Lutheran teaching in my mother tongue.

I am especially sensitive to the fact that many people here see any religion other than Catholicism as foreign (Lutheranism is associated with Germany) and books in English are thus not capable of alleviating the problem. I am a convert from Catholicism and for a few years I struggled with a lack of clarity on the point of means of grace and Lutheran understanding of predestination. I came to view these matters according to reformed opinions expressed by Berkhof and Bavinck. Mueller has helped me to overcome this crisis.

I would like to receive one copy each of your Polish materials, please.

Yours sincerely
Piotr O.