Congregation needs Lao books for outreach

Categories: Book Requests

Greetings in the name of Jesus!

I see on your website some publications in the Lao Language. I need 15 copies of either Bible Stories in Pictures by William Beck or A Children’s Garden of Bible Stories by Arthur Gross. Do you have these available? How much would shipping be, so that we have an idea of a minimum donation to send?

My city has a population of about 9000. In that population is a group of about 300 Lao people. It is starting to grow a bit, as we have a new hog operation about to open in the area. About 20 years ago, a teacher from Laos went through the licensed lay deacon program at Concordia/St. Paul. He has been ministering out of St. Paul Lutheran Church. He is currently in the colloque program to become a SMP Pastor. He would like the Bible Stories in Pictures to help teach those who can’t read English. Another church in our area has some mission funds to assist us in this.

Pastor Mark Eichler