Detention Center Chaplain Needs Books to Distribute

Categories: Book Requests

Remember Chaplain Cameron? His work distributing LHF materials in an ICE detention center in Louisiana was featured in the March 2020 Word at Work newsletter. Click here to read his story!

Good morning,

Previously LHF sent some material which has been utilized among a population of vast language diversity.  I am curious if you may be able to send 10 Punjabi books (they regularly ask for books containing stories if you have something in that regard?), 5 French books, 2 Albanian books, 5 Russian books, 15 Chinese books particularly if you have something other than the catechism in Chinese, perhaps 1 book in Georgian other than the Catechism if possible (we have one Georgian reader and he already has the Georgian catechism)? Also if you are able to send a book in Armenian, a few English catechism books, and if you are able to provide perhaps 75 Spanish Bibles?

I know the list seems quite long.  However, if you are able to even send just some of the request it will greatly aid the spiritual growth of those in detention needing materials in their own language.

Thank you so kindly for your consideration of this long request.

Chaplain Dustin Cameron