Eastern European titles needed in Denmark

Categories: Book Requests

I have been asked by a Danish Evangelical Lutheran pastor, whose parish is 10% Eastern Europeans, and I would like to help him get copies of Luther’s Small Catechism to hand out. He lives in a rural area, where up to 150 families from Balticum, Poland, Ukraine and Romania have bought houses and settled, and he wants to do mission work there. He will start with an Eastern European Advent service on December 8. I know he is not the only one to try building contacts with these families.

The work is going on in Denmark, where several families have moved to find better paid jobs than are available in Eastern Europe. But since it is new to both me and the pastors in the Lutheran churches to have so many here, we have not looked for literature before. Now we see it – and are reminded that literature often seems to be a kind of “coming home” for some people.

As I think we will need to prepare for more than one place, I would like 50 copies each of:
– Luther’s Small Catechism
– Anything for children (children’s Bibles).
– Monthly devotionals
I will have to be something for younger families, who have moved abroad. Some of them have left church at home, and some have not (and may never have been to church). Therefore, the Book of Concord or similar books are not so relevant yet.
It should be sent to the Danish Balkan Mission.

Thank you!