Thanks to funding by Concordia Lutheran Ministries (CLM), the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Sudan/South Sudan (ELCS/SS) now has new method of generating funds for their young church body: a taxi service.

Nearly 10 years ago, CLM first granted funds to the ELCS/SS for the purchase of two buses to be converted into medical vans. But after just a few years, the buses quickly deteriorated under deplorable road conditions in South Sudan and were out of service, awaiting major repairs.

Today, South Sudan's roads are greatly improved. Through CLM's additional funding to the Lutheran Heritage Foundation, the costs of restoring and repairing the buses for the ELCS/SS are being provided so that they can once more be used for transportation purposes. The buses will provide free transportation to those needing to receive treatment at the Yambio Hospital and will provide taxi service in the community for an affordable sum.

'The goal of this project isn’t simply to provide transportation services for the people of South Sudan," said Rev. Robert Rahn, founder of LHF. "As the ELCS/SS takes steps toward being self-sufficient, the bus taxi service will be one way the church body to generate income. By providing the means to get these vans in working order, CLM is giving the ELCS/SS an avenue of sustained income for their church body."

In October, Rev. Peter Anibati Abia (who is helping to oversee this project in South Sudan) sent the following email to LHF: “Dear brothers in the Lord, I would like to share with you some news about the progress of the bus repair project. The mechanics started to work on the buses last week. They started with the white one and lifted the engine down. After working on it for some hours they managed to start the engine. Rev. Elinama and I were present and we were very excited for this progress. I think this is promising...it is just a matter of time then we will have the buses on road again!”

Six weeks later, Rev. Anibati's vision has come true, and one of the vans has been totally refurbished. The only remaining steps are obtaining insurance and licensing before the first ELCS/SS taxi can be on the road.
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