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TRY "Preachers and Teachers" for SOUTH Sudan  
Since the Evangelical Lutheran Church in South Sudan/Sudan began in 1993, its growth has been phenomenal.

When LHF first sent five Small Catechisms and a Book of Concord to a Sudanese man nearly 20 years ago, who would have guessed that a whole new Lutheran church body would spring to life?

Today, there are more than 100 Lutheran churches, attended by more than 20,000 baptized Lutherans.

LHF has continued to assist in telling the Sudanese about Jesus by translating and publishing Luther’s Small Catechism into several Sudanese languages. 

“We need shepherds!”

Though the growth of Lutheranism in Sudan has been very exciting, there simply aren’t enough pastors to baptize new believers and bring Holy Communion to the people. 

To help solve this problem, LHF has worked with the ELCSS/S to found a seminary in South Sudan, where the first class of 20 men graduated in 2010. The most recent class of 13 men graduated in 2015, but for all for all of these pastors, continuing education to help them become better pastors is crucial.

With your help, LHF will continue to play an important role in helping to provide this continuing education. One way is to find qualified pastors willing to travel to Sudan to lead classes. These preachers – now teachers – share their theological knowledge and years of practical experience with their eager brothers in Christ. Another way to help is providing classroom materials, including textbooks, and to cover the pastors' travel expenses.

To learn more about this exciting mission and the explosive growth of the ELCSS/S, email your request for a “Preachers and Teachers” kit from LHF today! 

You can tell your LWML group about this exciting work going on among new Lutherans in Sudan – at no cost to you.

When you order the “Preachers and Teachers” materials from LHF, you will receive:

• A 5-minute DVD telling about the incredible obstacles faced by the Sudanese, and how the Gospel of Jesus Christ has taken root in their hearts.

• A short Bible study on why God sends shepherds to His people.

• A package of photos illustrating life in Sudan and South Sudan.

• “Jesus Never Fails” bookmarks for each of your members.

• Ideas for African snacks (desserts, salads) to serve at your meeting.

• An opportunity to take part in this important mission project.

• Information on how to request an LHF speaker for your zone meeting.

Call (800-554-0723) or e-mail LHF to order your free kit today! 
You'll receive your "Preachers and Teachers" kit within just a few days of your order.

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