In Georgia: LHF Books Help Revive Church Destroyed by Communism

Categories: Europe, Georgia, Georgian

by Ruslan Tsintsadze

“We are praising God for the Lutheran Heritage Foundation, because the Republic of Georgia is a post-Soviet country where atheism ruled for seven decades. Historically, we as a nation were Christians since the 4th century; we kept the faith until 1921 when the Red Army entered Georgia.

For exactly 70 years we were captives of the Communist regime – just as Israel was in Babylon – until 1991, when the Soviet Union was fully destroyed. During Communism, Bibles and spiritual literature were forbidden. As a result, we became an uneducated and ungodly society.

LHF is a blessing not only for the Lutheran church, but for the whole nation, because it gives great opportunity to increase the number of spiritual literature in our country.”

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