Ghana receives Child’s Garden and Augsburg Confession

Categories: Africa, Bible Storybook, Children, Ghana, Kusaal

Greetings in Jesus’ name!

We have almost distributed all the books we received from you (A Child’s Garden of Bible Stories; Service Book and the Augsburg Confession). A reprint is required but it is proper they are revised. We have begun revising the Service Book as well as the Small Catechism, which is already being revised.

The impact of these books, especially the Child’s Garden book, is great. Schools have asked for copies and I believe the District Education office may decide to use that book as one of the books for all students learning Kusaal to read.

Meanwhile, people from all denominations are reading the books. Yes, reading the Augsburg Confession, the readers will know the truth about God’s Word!

Thank you very much for what LHF is doing for us.

Blessings and peace,
Nicholas Salifu
Pastor, The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Ghana