Incredible Response to New LHF Book

Categories: Bible Storybook, Children, East/Southeast Asia, Vietnam, Vietnamese

Wow…amazing!! More than 80 percent of Vietnam’s people say they are atheist. And yet, just 2 DAYS after launching an announcement about LHF’s “Bible Stories in Pictures – Old Testament” in Vietnam, *more than 2,000 copies* of the 3,000 that were printed have been claimed!

“This shows that LHF books are really well received by all Christians, bringing Christ and His love to all people,” says Rev. Ted NaThalang, LHF’s coordinator for Southeast Asian projects.

Thank you to Multi-Language Publications for the free copyright permission to translate and publish this book, and to the many LHF supporters whose gifts are helping to sow the seeds of the Gospel in atheist Vietnam!

Did you know there are more than 1.1 million Vietnamese immigrants who have made the US their new home? If you have a Vietnamese-speaking friend, family member or congregation member, click here to send in a book request to the Lutheran Heritage Foundation.