Influx of immigrant families brings need for outreach books

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Grace and Peace in Christ Jesus our Lord!

My congregation is providing space for Tyson Corp. to assist their employees, many from African countries, by connecting them to various resources in the community. This presents us with a great opportunity to bear witness to the growing international presence in our community. A member of our congregation works at Tyson and is arranging this event. According to her, the languages represented are (Haitian) Creole, French, Swahili, and Lingala. I would like to have several copies, perhaps 20 for each language, of the Small Catechism on hand for this event scheduled in mid- to late- March. By God’s grace, we hope to need more in the future. There are 11 languages represented at the elementary school 4 b/locks away and around 40 total in the Waterloo School District.

God’s Peace!

Rev. Justin K.
Waterloo, IA