IRPRs Serve the LHF Mission

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September 2012 – “One of the best things that happened in my life was my contact with the Lutheran Heritage Foundation,” proclaims Rev. Herb Graf, an independent regional promotional representative (IRPR) for LHF in Texas. “It’s provided a wonderful opportunity to bring Jesus and God’s salvation to souls throughout the world.”

The LHF staff and Board of Directors are equally grateful for Rev. Graf’s 17+ years of service, which began in 1994 with Graf’s “retirement” from the public ministry.

“About a month after announcing my plans, it dawned on me that in less than three months, I would have no permanent position of service,” he laughed.

But what Graf did have was plenty of energy and a passion for mission work. He heard about a young mission organization that was just getting started: LHF.

“Over the years, we’ve had a number of retired pastors and teachers who have asked if there’s a way they can help serve the LHF mission,” said LHF founder, Rev. Robert Rahn.

“We devised the IRPR program, contracted positions with LHF where our representatives work out of their homes to contact congregations in their areas,” he explained. “They talk with the pastors and mission boards about the LHF mission and set up preaching dates or speaking events, or they come up with ideas for ways a congregation can help support an LHF mission project.”

The arrangement has worked well not only for Rev. Graf, but also for the four other IRPRs currently contracted with LHF.

“Herb has put LHF on the map in Texas with his untiring work that’s gone above and beyond anything we ever expected,” said Rev. Rahn. “Now, as he prepares to officially retire, we’d like to have about 10 more Herbs serving LHF!  Who couldn’t learn something from a man who is so enthused about his work, that when he gets up in the morning, his first question is, ‘What can I do today for the Lord and for the LHF mission?’”

“I would highly recommend being an IRPR to other church workers because of the opportunity to bring Jesus to souls all over the world,” said Rev. Graf.  “I can’t wait to get to heaven to meet souls who are there through LHF-translated books. I am certain you’d feel the same!”

When looking for IRPRs, LHF has always gone by simple criteria: Lutherans who are recently retired, yet energetic. To learn more about becoming an LHF IRPR, call (800)554-0723 or send an e-mail to

Only with your help can this important work continue. Prayerfully consider how you can help support LHF projects.