Letters to Fadi

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And why is it important to share the sure hope of eternal life, peace and salvation with our Arabic neighbors? Read on…

Following are excerpts from letters received by the Lutheran Hour Ministry’s Lebanon office (MELM) in response to their Christian radio programming. If requested, MELM follows up by sending Lutheran materials, such as LHF’s soon-to-be-reprinted Arabic Small Catechism, to the listener.

Country: United Arab Emirates  Religion: Muslim  (Lady)
Since thirty years I started to search for the truth. I was lost and confused as I did not know the road to God. Thanks to your program which allowed me to find reconciliation to God through Christ who is the ultimate truth and the only road.

Country: Iraq  Religion: Atheist (from Muslim Background)
I have listened to your radio program “peace amidst war” and benefited a lot from it. I come from a Muslim background but some of the criminal acts that were committed (by Muslims) in God’s name repelled me. I became an atheist who did not believe in any religion. Your program showed me a different way, a way revealed by the cross of Jesus. As you said, “God is Love”. This is what the world really needs, and only then we will find peace among the nations.

Country: Syria  Religion: Muslim
I would like to inform you that after listening to your program “the most important lesson” from the series “peace amidst war”; you have sent me the (Bible correspondence course) “Life of Christ.” I have lived a life of sinfulness and was severely burdened by it. I tried hard to compensate for my wrongdoings by doing good deeds, but I did not find rest. In fact, I felt that God does not love me; I even did not love myself! But through you I discovered that Jesus Christ died for me. He loves me and I have hope in eternal life too.  I realize now that in Him I have a new life.

Country: Saudi Arabia  Religion: Christian
I am a Christian who has travelled to Saudi Arabia for work reasons and to be able to provide financially for my family. I am not a frequent listener to the radio and never understood the real value of it. However, when you live away from a Christian community such a medium provides a lot of comfort and encouragement. Now my nights are not lonely anymore as I listen to your helpful programs.