LHF, LWML Central Illinois district partner, share Gospel with French speakers worldwide

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Through the gifts of the LWML Central Illinois District, families and children in French-speaking countries like Mali and Haiti are being introduced to the Savior for the first time.

At their 2013 convention, the LWML-CID voted to send a portion of their mites to “Mon Ami, Jesus,” a project of the Lutheran Heritage Foundation (LHF). Their $4,000 gift allowed LHF to print and distribute more than 800 French-language Bible storybooks.

“The Lutheran Heritage Foundation is excited to have worked with the LWML Central Illinois District to print A Child’s Garden of Bible Stories in the French language,” said Rev. Matthew Heise, LHF executive director. “With of their help, thousands of people will read the word of God in their own language.

“Many of these people live in substandard conditions and desperately need to hear about the love Jesus has for them,” Rev. Heise continued. “These books are a stronghold for these people, especially orphaned children who need to know the love of their heavenly father.”

French is spoken in nearly a quarter of the world’s countries, many of which continue to practice false religions. In some West African countries like Benin and Burkina Faso, the people practice the animist traditions of their ancestors and worship the spirits of nature. In Haiti, voodoo remains a strong influence, while the great cathedrals in France stand nearly empty.

LHF gives its books free of charge to the churches, missionaries and individuals who need them. Short-term mission teams planning trips to Haiti or other French-speaking countries are encouraged to contact the LHF office by calling 1-800-554-0723 or emailing LHF for a supply of books they can give to the people they’re ministering to.

“With the LWML-CID’s support, these people will hear of Jesus Christ and His words of love and forgiveness,” Rev. Heise commented. “For many families, it will be the only book they own.”