LHF releases Tswana Book of Concord

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“Do you confess the [documents of] the Book of Concord to be a true exposition of Holy Scripture…and do you promise that you will perform the duties of your office in accordance with these Confessions?”

At their ordinations, Lutheran pastors around the world answer “yes” to these questions with the best of intentions. But through no fault of their own, many have never even read the Book of Concord in their own language. Why? Because no one has ever translated it for them.

Now, Tswana-speaking pastors in South Africa can speak their vows in all confidence, because LHF has translated and published the Book of Concord in their own language.

“The Book of Concord [is] the true exposition of the Holy Scriptures in both the Old and New Testaments – not only in times gone by, but even today,” explained Rev. Dr. Wilhelm Weber, Jr., bishop of the Lutheran Church in Southern Africa. “Our pastors need to test this claim in both what the Bible says and also what the Book of Concord says. That is an important aspect of our theological training in biblical exegesis and systematic training.”

While pastors, seminarians, deaconesses and theologians study this foundational book of the Lutheran faith, Weber says “it is relevant to the tens of thousands of Tswana-speaking laity as well, especially if they want to have a good and authoritative account of what the Christian Church teaches and why it does so.”

Bishop Weber’s father, Rev. Wilhelm Weber, Sr., was the lead translator for the Tswana Book of Concord, along with former bishop Rev. Dr. David Tswaedi and Rev. Josef Sephai. As the books were distributed, Rev. Weber, Sr. voiced his appreciation for the donors who made its publication possible.

“Let us all thank whole-heartedly the Lord for His wonderful miracles,” he said, “which motivate the hearts of Lutheran Christians overseas and open their hands and purses to support these translations and publications.”

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