Luther’s Small Catechism Encourages Refugees

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Thank you, LHF, for Luther’s Small Catechism in the Farsi language! One of the men who works with Iranian immigrants, an engineer volunteering in the work, told me about an Iranian family who is about to be sent back home to Iran. The father is an-alphabet (unable to read), so he didn’t know how to prepare for the interviews with the government. At his interview, this father was asked if he could explain the meaning of Easter and Pentecost – and why he had joined a Lutheran church. His answer showed that he had learned the Catechism by heart, because he said that first of all, the Christian church is a place where love and loving people meet you – not like in a mosque. About Easter, he said that he may not be able to give his life for his own children, but he had realized that Jesus went to the cross and died for him, to be able to forgive his sin. About Pentecost he said, that it is where Jesus’ spirit comes into me and changes me to be one with those who believe in him. This man had learned basic Christian faith by heart from his family’s reciting of the Catechism.

Rev. Knud S

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