Mission to Mexico Needs Spanish Materials

Mission to Mexico Needs Spanish Materials

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Blessings, LHF.

I’m checking on the publication status of the Spanish version of A Child’s Garden of Bible Stories. At Trinity Lutheran Church, we reach out to our brothers and sisters in Mexico just a few miles over the border. We are going to start working with a soup kitchen that feeds over 100 street children, so they can have at least one meal a day. This book would assist us in sharing our Lord’s love for his children. What blessing is a book in the children’s own language! I want to be able to have a story time with them and have them read along.

One of our other mission teams goes to Los Angeles to Skid Row, to the medical clinic and the shelter once per week. We are praying that we could receive some Bibles. The team prays with the Lord’s children, and assist them in looking for a new path — the path with the light of our Lord. Could we also receive the Holy Bible (ESV) with Small Catechism?

LHF you are a blessing, sharing the love of our Lord. Thank you.

Sue M.
The storybooks are expected to arrive in the United States by Summer 2018