New shipment of Spanish Bibles needed

Categories: Book Requests


I would like to know if you have a case of 24 Spanish Bibles with the catechism included. A friend received some from you earlier this month.  We gave them to our church’s thrift shop to hand out to their customers.  It seems that they are being well received.  Praise be to God!  I would like to make more available.  I need to know if you have some in stock. I’m very encouraged about the response that these Bibles have received.  We are excited about sharing God’s Word through the thrift shop, and we know the Holy Spirit will help these seeds we are planting to grow in others’ hearts.

I don’t believe I told you about our Pot Pies to Bibles endeavor. I make a family-size chicken pot pie that church members purchase for $8.00 each.  Then I take that money to buy or donate for Bibles. We have had a good response to this and it excites me that it is such a win-win-win situation.  Members “win” by getting a pot pie.  The thrift shop “wins” by receiving Bibles to hand out for free and their clients “win” by receiving God’s Word.  Since many of the thrift shop’s clients are Hispanic, the Spanish translation is really going out the door.  We continue to pray that the Holy Spirit will help these seeds of God’s Word to grow and reach many souls and bring them to faith.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Phylis D