Outreach in Togo needs French and Fon-Gbe publications

Categories: Book Requests

Dear Lutheran Heritage Foundation,

I will be going over to Togo, Africa the beginning of May.

I am writing to find out (1) if your French and Fon-Gbe publications are available (and which ones are available) in West Africa itself, as it might be easier to obtain needed copies there than to bring them from the US. I am interested in the availability of the titles below in Africa, and (2) What publications are available currently that I could get now in the US and bring with me? I am interested in the following titles:

1. A Children’s Garden of Bible Stories by Arthur W. Gross in French
2. Book of Concord in French (it looks like one you have available is La foi des Eglises luthériennes – Confessions et catéchismes by Marc Lienhard & Andre Birmele, is that correct? That is sold on Amazon.com and Amazon.fr. Do you really make this available at no cost?)
3. Dogmatics Volumes 1, 2 and 3 by Dr. Wilbert Kreiss in French
4. God’s No and God’s Yes in French
5. Manual of Christian Doctrine by Dr. Wilbert Kreiss in French. I did download the PDF but a print copy would be useful.
6. Small Catechism by Martin Luther in French.
7. Small Catechism with Explanation by Martin Luther in French.
8. Statement of Faith in French
9. We Believe We Confess in French
10. Augsburg Confession in Fon-Gbe
11. Large Catechism in Fon-Gbe
12. Small Catechism with Explanation in Fon-Gbe

I will be working mainly in Lomé, Togo. I knew we have some Ewe-speaking pastors. While Fon-Gbe is a different language, per se, it is related to Ewe and I was thinking they might help by forming a basis of a Ewe translation, as I don’t see that you have any Ewe publications.

This seems like a big request. I appreciate your time and effort in looking into the availability of these publications!