Outreach to Hispanic population needs books

Outreach to Hispanic population needs books

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Good Afternoon,

I would like to request Spanish language Bibles for our social ministry outreach in Hebron, CT. We are a mobile ministry and bring food, clothing, toiletries and other basic need items to under-reached communities, many of which have a large Hispanic population. We do have a few Thrivent members and have been able to use from the Thrivent Action Team cards to support our ministry in the past and I know we can help cover the cost to LHF of providing the Bibles and Children’s book.  It is always a blessing to be able to offer Christian books to the young children we support and there’s an extra level of excitement from them when they realize the books are in Spanish!

We  would be able to use two cases of the Spanish Bibles and one case of A Child’s Garden of Bibles Stories in Spanish for us to handout for free as we share the Gospel of Christ through our ministry, Caring Shepherds. Thank you!

Erika G.