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Since its inception in 1992, the Lutheran Heritage Foundation has been committed to being a good steward of the gifts God gives us through supporters like you. 

This philosophy was reflected in the decision by Rev. Robert Rahn, LHF founder, to run the organization from the basement of his home for several years. As the LHF mission began to grow, the office moved to a leased building before the LHF World Mission Center was built in 2002. Due to the faithful support of LHF donors and sound business practices, LHF was able to pay off the mortgage in just a few short years. Today, the Lutheran Heritage Foundation carries no external debt.

LHF believes it is important to be transparent and accountable in our finances, which is why the organization's annual reports and financial statements are readily available here. You'll quickly see that LHF takes a very conservative, principled approach in its financial reporting. When comparing the cost ratios for program, development and administrative expenses, LHF prefers to allocate those expenses in a cautious manner (as illustrated on the 990 form).

If you have any questions about LHF's financial reports, please contact Mr. Jeff Rahn, LHF director of operations, at (800)554-0723.

2016 Audited Financial Statement                     990 Form (2016)
2015 Audited Financial Statement                     990 Form (2015)
2014 Audited Financial Statement                     990 Form (2014)

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