Prayer Support

Around the world, men and women work tirelessly to translate and distribute LHF’s books for their people. Many of these face persecution and hardship for doing this work. They request your support through prayers on their behalf.

We ask that you pray…

  • for fleeing families in Myanmar (Burma), that God will protect them and see them to safety. In a combination of ethnic cleansing and a grab for the rich resources (jade and amber) found in Kachin State, thousands of Kachin Christians have been tortured and killed. Read how LHF Bible storybrooks are helping provide peace and comfort to these families.
  • for poor English students in India, who have been given English Small Catechisms from LHF and Concordia Publishing House. People living in the slums of Mumbai, India, are among the poorest in the world, but learning to speak and write English provides a way out (read more). Pray that God’s Word, taught in the catechism’s pages, will take root in the hearts of these young students.
  • for ESL students in Missouri, who are being taught English at their workplace through the pages of A Child’s Garden of Bible Stories, that the Holy Spirit would open their hearts to having faith in Christ. Please also pray for their teacher, Becky Shaw, who has given the students Bible storybooks in their own languages (Chinese and Vietnamese), provided by LHF. Learn more
  • for the safe travels of Rev. George Ondieki, LHF’s Swahili translator, as he travels throughout Kenya and Tanzania, distributing LHF books to pastors, church leaders and youth. Please pray also for those who receive these catechisms, Luther biographies, and children’s Bible storybooks, that God would strengthen their faith and move them to introduce others to the Savior.
  • for California ministries reaching out to Hmong immigrants. Rev. Doua Xiong writes: “I would to have 100 copies of A Child’s Garden of Bible Stories in the White Hmong dialect. My ministry team hosts two Hmong language schools in California. We used this book as our main textbook. At the end of each term, the students wanted to take a copy home to share with their family members, so we sent one home with each student. We are out of them, and we will begin a new term this fall and would like have them before then, if you can.”
  • for LHF Executive Director, Rev. Matthew Heise, that he may faithfully lead the mission in translating and publishing the books of the faith for people around the world.