Prayer Support

Around the world, men and women work tirelessly to translate and distribute LHF’s books for their people. Many of these face persecution and hardship for doing this work. They request your support through prayers on their behalf.

We ask that you pray…

  • for the Lutheran church in Burkina Faso, where the ongoing terrorist war has inhibited the distribution of LHF books. Pray that God would bring an end to the fighting, that His Word may freely go out to all, in their own languages. (Remove link to old story)
  • for Josué Dieudonne, LHF translator in Haiti, who has relocated for his safety and continuing education to the United States, that he may move forward in his translation activities with vigor, and that children in Haiti will soon have a Bible storybook written in their Haitian-Creole language.
  • For our Lutheran brothers and sisters in Puerto Rico, who over the past few years have suffered through hurricanes, earthquakes and covid. Pray that their faith be strengthened and their worship of the Savior be enriched this Advent and Christmas season through the new Spanish Lutheran Hymnal.
  • In praise and thanksgiving for LHF’s graphic design and layout teams in Bangkok, Thailand, who adeptly handle ever-increasing numbers of LHF projects for churches around the world. Through their conscientious work, hundreds of thousands of new Christians in countries like Ghana, Papua New Guinea and Central/South America are receiving high-quality books that clearly communicate God’s plan of salvation for them. Soli Deo Gloria!
  • for LHF Executive Director, Rev. Matthew Heise, that he may faithfully lead the mission in translating and publishing the books of the faith for people around the world.