Prayer Support

Around the world, men and women work tirelessly to translate and distribute LHF’s books for their people. Many of these face persecution and hardship for doing this work. They request your support through prayers on their behalf.

We ask that you pray…

  • That the Holy Spirit would work powerfully through the books translated and published by the Lutheran Heritage Foundation, using them to call His children to faith in all countries.
  • That LHF may soon find a translator for Lutheran books in the Haitian Creole language, especially for a children’s Bible storybook.
  • For all LHF translators, that they may joyfully do their work with skill and precision, so that people all around the world may learn the Word of God in their own languages.
  • For safe travel for the pastors who volunteer to travel to South Sudan to teach at Concordia Lutheran Institute for the Holy Ministry (CLIHM).
  • For Rev. Dinku Bato, who will soon begin his work as LHF’s coordinator of many projects throughout Africa.
  • With thanks for LHF’s graphic design team in Bangkok, Thailand, who use their skills to assist other translation teams from all around the world.