Prayer Support

Around the world, men and women work tirelessly to translate and distribute LHF’s books for their people. Many of these face persecution and hardship for doing this work. They request your support through prayers on their behalf.

We ask that you pray…

  • for the frontline health workers, that they be given the strength and protection in these times as they get into contact with people infected with the virus. we pray that God gives wisdom to the leaders of the country and guide them to take measures that will help minimize the spread of the virus. COVID-19 has seriously reduced all economic activities, and so there are people who don’t get food to eat. Our prayer is that the Lord should wipe away the virus soon if it is His will.
    – Rev. Dr. Nicholas Salifu, LHF project coordinator and pastor in Evangelical Lutheran Church of Ghana
  • for Thuza, LHF’s coordinator for projects in Myanmar, who has recently been diagnosed with high blood pressure and diabetes, which during this time has not been able to be brought under control. Please pray that God would bring health and healing to Thuza, and that He would protect those healthcare workers who continue to try to save lives in Myanmar.
  • especially for the government, doctors, military and pastors – all those who stand in the front lines to protect our bodies and our souls. We should pray for the Lutheran Heritage Foundation so that the Word though their publications could reach as many people as possible and strengthen Christian faith of those who get weak in times of tribulations. We should pray that our faith under any circumstance will not shatter, but be strong and enduring. We should also ask the Lord to stop this plague so that His people could enjoy peace and have all the possibilities to gather around the clearly preached Gospel and around the Sacraments that are administered according to the Word of our Savior Jesus Christ.
    – Rev. Dr. Vyacheslav Horpynchuk, bishop of the Ukrainian Lutheran Church
  • for the family of Kathy Conrad, who mourns the death of Kathy’s father.
    – from Rev. Dr. Daniel Conrad, LCMS missionary/theological educator in Mexico City
  • for the Lutheran Theological Seminary in Pretoria, for the students and staff, that we may re-open ASAP, and that the supporters, severely affected by the economic chaos caused by the Corona virus, will not stop supporting the LTS.
    – from Rev. Dr. Carlos Winterle, rector at Lutheran Theological Seminary in Pretoria
  • for God’s people in Mozambique, who are facing famine due to the flooding that destroyed their plantations. In spite of the privations, they remain faithful to our God and Father. Pray also that God may shorten these Corona Virus days for the sake of His people and His Gospel, protecting medical doctors and nurses who need to expose themselves to the infection.
    – from Rev. Dr. Carlos Winterle, rector at Lutheran Theological Seminary in Pretoria
  • and ask God to stop the coronavirus soon so that we return to our daily life as we had before. Pray for the printing plans and distribution plans that I sent the request to Pastor Ted NaThalang, so that the kids here have God’s Word in their heart when reading our LHF books.
    – from Dinh Hai Au, coordinator of LHF projects in Vietnam
  • for LHF Executive Director, Rev. Matthew Heise, that he may faithfully lead the mission in translating and publishing the books of the faith for people around the world.