East/Southeast Asian Projects Needing Adoption

Listed below are LHF projects waiting for a sponsor like you to share the Gospel with the people of East/Southeast Asia.

The following projects have been requested by LCMS missionaries and church leaders from around the world and have been included as part of the Lutheran Heritage Foundation’s 2018 budget. Please note that due to circumstances beyond LHF’s control, certain projects may not be completed as planned by the proposed publishing dates.

If the project you select has already been fully funded, your gifts will be applied to another project in that same language or to a similar title in another language. Email or call LHF at (800) 554-0723 for more information about specific projects. Upon request, promotional materials (bulletin board photos, PowerPoint slides, etc.) are available for most projects. Note that the amount needed listed below does not reflect the cost of distribution. Gifts are gratefully accepted (including full or partial funding) for the following:

LanguageQuantityPublicationAmount NeededCost/Book
Akha 1,000Bible Stories in PicturesSPONSOREDSPONSORED
Batak3,000A Child's Garden of Bible StoriesSPONSOREDTHANK YOU
Burmese3,000A Child's Garden of Bible Stories$12,300$4.10
2,000A Child's Garden of Bible Stories$5,700$2.85
500Reading the Bible with Understanding$2,700$5.40
2,000Small Catechism Student Workbook$5,000$2.50
1,000Small Catechism Teacher Guide$2,500$2.50
3,000Small Catechism with Explanation$11,400$3.80
Cebuano3,000Augsburg Confession with 95 Theses$3,000$1.00
5,000Enchiridion with Creeds$3,000$0.60
Enga2,000Small Catechism SPONSOREDTHANK YOU
Hindi500Book of Concord$3,500$7.00
Japanese3,000My First CatechismSPONSOREDTHANK YOU
Jingpho, Kachin3,000A Child's Garden of Bible StoriesSPONSOREDTHANK YOU
Karen, S'gaw2,000A Child's Garden of Bible Stories$8,200$4.10
3,000Small Catechism - Enchiridion$2,500$0.83
1,000Small Catechism with Explanation$3,800$3.80
Khmer200Book of Concord, Vol. 1SPONSOREDTHANK YOU
200Formula of Concord, Part IISPONSOREDTHANK YOU
1,000Story of LutherSPONSEREDTHANK YOU
Korean1,000Book of Concord, Vol. 1SPONSOREDTHANK YOU
2,000Small Catechism - EnchiridionSPONSOREDTHANK YOU
Lao1,000A Child's Garden of Bible Stories$5,800$5.80
1,000Bible Stories in Pictures$10,000$10.00
1,000Small Catechism with Explanation$5,500$5.50
Lawa1,000A Child's Garden of Bible StoriesSPONSOREDTHANK YOU
1,000Bible Stories in Pictures$7,500$7.50
Lisu1,000Bible Stories in Pictures$7,500$7.50
Thai2,000A Child's Garden of Bible StoriesSPONSOREDTHANK YOU
500Augsburg Confession$500$1.00
2,000Bible Stories in Pictures$8,500$4.25
5,000Small Catechism - Enchiridion$1,500$0.30
1,000Story of Luther$2,700$2.70
Tok Pisin500Statement of FaithSPONSOREDTHANK YOU
Chinese, Trad.1,000Augsburg Confession$1,700$1.70
1,000Book of ConcordSPONSOREDTHANK YOU
1,000Handling the Word of TruthPRINTEDTHANK YOU
1,000Lutheranism 101SPONSOREDTHANK YOU
1,000Story of Luther$2,000$2.00
Vietnamese3,000A Child's Garden of Bible StoriesSPONSOREDTHANK YOU
300Book of Concord, Vol. 1SPONSOREDTHANK YOU
300Book of Concord, Vol. 2SPONSOREDTHANK YOU
1,000Small Catechism with Explanation$4,000$4.00