European Projects Needing Adoption

The following projects have been requested by LCMS missionaries and church leaders from around the world and have been included as part of the Lutheran Heritage Foundation’s budget for the coming years.

To see when a project is expected to be printed, refer to the listed “Projected Print” date. Please note that Q1 refers to First Quarter of a given year (January through March), Q2 refers to Second Quarter (April through May), and so on. Due to circumstances beyond LHF’s control, certain projects may not be completed as planned by the proposed publishing dates.

For the most recent information on which projects are still available for adoption, email or call LHF at (800) 554-0723.

If the project you select has already been fully funded, your gifts will be applied to another project in that same language or to a similar title in another language. Costs listed are for printing expenses only and do not include related expenses such as translation, editing, layout, distribution or introduction.

Gifts are gratefully accepted (including full or partial funding) for the following projects that introduce new believers to Jesus:

LanguageTitleProjected Print DatePrint QuantityPrint CostCost/Book
CzechSinging the Gospel: Lutheran Hymns and the Success of the ReformationQ4 20191,000SPONSOREDTHANK YOU
FinnishSmall Catechism with ExplanationQ1 20191,500PRINTEDTHANK YOU
FrenchThe Book of ConcordQ2 2019550$11,550$21.00
A Child's Garden of Bible StoriesQ2 20193,000SPONSOREDTHANK YOU
Jesus Never Fails BookletQ3 201910,000$3,000$0.30
Small Encounters with Jesus: A Collection of Christian Meditations for ChildrenQ2 20193,000PRINTEDTHANK YOU
Latvian365 Times HeQ1 2019800PRINTEDTHANK YOU
Big Lies and Big TruthQ1 2019500PRINTEDTHANK YOU
Little Book of WisdomQ2 2019500PRINTEDTHANK YOU
Love, Truth, and Grace, Christian Catechism A.D. 2000Q2 20192,000PRINTEDTHANK YOU
A Lutheran Looks at CatholicsQ3 2019500PRINTEDTHANK YOU
Luther's Works Volume 1 (Lectures on Genesis 1 to 5)Q3 2019500PRINTEDTHANK YOU
Postmodern TimesQ1 2019500PRINTEDTHANK YOU
Prepared to Answer and More Prepared to Answer: Telling the Greatest Story Ever ToldQ2 2019800$3,500$4.38
Small CatechismQ2 20193,000$900$0.30
LithuanianChurch History: The BasicsQ2 20192,000SPONSOREDTHANK YOU
Ministry, Word and Sacraments - An EnchiridionQ2 20191,000SPONSOREDTHANK YOU
Pastoral Care CompanionQ3 2019200SPONSOREDTHANK YOU
RomanianHandling the Word of Truth: Law and Gospel in the Church TodayQ4 2019500$750$1.50
Jesus Never Fails BookletQ2 20191,000$300$0.30
Why I Am a Lutheran Jesus at the CenterQ3 2019500$750$1.50
Russian1 Corinthians Concordia CommentaryQ4 20193,000PRINTEDTHANK YOU
The Doctrine of BaptismQ3 20193,000PRINTEDTHANK YOU
Large CatechismQ4 20192,000$5,000$2.50
Luther's Works Volume 35 Word and Sacrament 1Q2 20191,000$7,000$7.00
Luther's Works Volume 36 Word and Sacrament 220201,000$7,000$7.00
The Proper Distinction Between Law and GospelQ2 20191,000SPONSOREDTHANK YOU
The Spirituality of the CrossQ3 20192,000SPONSOREDTHANK YOU
SwedishSmall Catechism with ExplanationQ3 20191,000$6,500$6.50
UkrainianThe People's Bible: LeviticusQ2 2019350SPONSOREDTHANK YOU
The People's Bible: NumbersQ3 2019350$3,000$8.57
We Preach Christ Crucified Vol. 2Q2 2019450PRINTEDTHANK YOU