Can you imagine…
Bible storybooks being shared in a Muslim public school?

In Indonesia, it’s happening.

In the Muslim world, Indonesia is unusual.

Although the majority of their population – over 85% of Indonesia’s 270 million people! – are Sunni Muslim, Indonesia’s founders admired diversity, and so the country does not proclaim itself an Islamic State. This pride in diversity and a certain amount of tolerance have provided an amazing opportunity to share the Gospel.

“Schools in Indonesia are mostly state schools, built by the government,” explains Imelda Aritonang, LHF’s coordinator for Indonesian translations. Religion is part of the public school curriculum, and Christians are often allowed to teach their own faith.

“The government provides textbooks for every subject, but unfortunately, religious books besides those that are Islamic are very hard to obtain,” she continued. “I often encounter complaints from religion teachers who find it difficult to get high quality, Biblical teaching materials.”

Thousands of children are waiting to meet Jesus.

LHF has stepped in to provide thousands of children’s Bible books, catechisms and catechism workbooks in the Indonesian language, which are being distributed to several public and private schools throughout the country.

But because of the sheer size of the Indonesian population, many thousands more are needed.

“Praise the Lord, the books we have shared receive positive reviews from everyone who reads them,” Imelda says. “The children love to see books with images full of color. The teachers also give a good response because they know and believe that the lessons in LHF’s books are based on the Bible and are trustworthy.”

What an opportunity the Holy Spirit is providing in this Muslim country – and your students can help!

Like Andrew leading his brother, Simon Peter, to be a disciple of Jesus, your students can lead Indonesian children to the Savior by adopting “Come and See Jesus!” with their mission offerings.

Home to orangutans and komodo dragons, and with more than 120 active volcanos, Indonesia is a masterpiece of God’s creation! Its people are equally fascinating, with a wide array of colorful cultures represented in the 17,000+ islands that make up the country.

To help this mission project come alive for your students, LHF offers a free Indonesia Resource Kit, which includes a variety of exciting ways to weave this Indonesian mission project into your regular curriculum. Each kit includes:

  • A six-minute video about life in Indonesia, a simple explanation of Islam, and how your students’ offerings will spread the Good News about Jesus
  • A related chapel/classroom devotion
  • A variety of classroom activities (arts and crafts, songs, games) that bring Indonesia to life!
  • A colorful bulletin board display
  • Info on having LHF mission speakers visit your school or livestream with your students

Kits will be available after Aug. 1, 2020.