“How Can I Understand?” DVD

Before he read the Small Catechism, Rev. Phom Prun didn’t know he should be baptized.

“I had heard about baptism, but I did not understand it,” explains Rev. Phom Prun in How Can I Understand, a 15-minute DVD featuring the work of the Lutheran Heritage Foundation in Cambodia and in Somalia.

Though he had been a Christian pastor for four years, Rev. Prun didn’t know that baptism would make him a child of God. And he didn’t know that he could share this gift with his parishioners.

Watch How Can I Understand at your Bible study, with your church missions committee, or at home to learn more about how the Holy Spirit is working through the books LHF translates and publishes for the Church around the world.  Hear how you can help play a part in this important mission!

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