LHF Mission Speakers

There’s a new Reformation going on! All around the world, Christians young and old are being introduced to Luther’s Small Catechism and other Lutheran materials, translated and published by the Lutheran Heritage Foundation.

LHF speakers will come to your church, free of charge, to tell how new Lutherans are embracing sound doctrine and begging for more materials to be translated into their languages. They will also share how your congregation can play a part in this important mission.

To schedule an LHF speaker for your church’s mission rally, Bible study, or other special event, call (800)554-0723.


LHF Executive Director

As an LCMS missionary for 12 years in the former Soviet Union, Rev. Heise saw firsthand the value of having good Lutheran books in the languages of the people. “The work that LHF does is taking the Scripture to the ends of the earth.”

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LHF Coordinator, Southeast Asia

Born a Buddhist in Thailand, Rev. NaThalang converted to Christianity when his widowed mother married an American Lutheran. Today, he frequently returns to Southeast Asia to coordinate LHF translations and spread the Gospel.

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LHF Founder and Ambassador

When the Soviet Union fell, Rev. Rahn founded LHF to bring Lutheran materials in their language to those denied the faith. Today, Rev. Rahn serves as congregations’ connection to the work LHF is doing in mission fields around the world.

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LHF Church Relations

Rev. Rockemann’s enthusiasm for the LHF mission is contagious! “Simple books,” he reflects. “The simple Bible stories that we learned as children growing up still have the power of God to turn hearts and lives around. Isn’t that amazing?”

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LHF Regional Representatives

Several ordained LCMS pastors around the United States are authorized representatives of the Lutheran Heritage Foundation and are eager to visit your congregation. To contact, call them at their direct lines.

Rev. Terry Hoese


Grand Rapids, MI: (616)361-1384

Rev. Gene Holtorf


Linn, KS: (785)747-6169

Rev. David Hudak

Arkansas and Surrounding Areas

Bella Vista, AR: (847)612-1436

Rev. Herb Keistman


Paige, TX: (512)253-0257

Rev. Raymond Larson

Montana & Southern California

Stevensville, MT: (406)239-5574

Rev. Dr. Bernie Lutz


Grand Rapids, MN:

Rev. Robert Marshall


Riverview, MI (734)284-3685

Rev. Tim Nickel


Elkton, FA: (904) 392-1534

Rev. Robert Pfeil

Upper Michigan and Wisconsin

Loretta, WI: (715)266-2187

Rev. Larry Rabon

North Carolina

Hendersonville, North Carolina: (828)697-5494

Rev. Herbert Schumm

Indiana & Northern Ohio

Fort Wayne, IN: (412)779-1502

Rev. Jerome Teichmiller


Cypress, TX: (832)717-4957