In Russia: the Church Grows Exponentially

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By Rev. Evgeny Raskatov

St. Anne’s Lutheran Church gives away bags filled with Lutheran books published by LHF

“For the past six months at St. Anne Lutheran Church (in the heart of St. Petersburg, Russia), we have been actively engaged in missionary activities using LHF books. We made bags with the church logo and placed inside some of LHF’s books. Several times a month, we conduct excursions around the church, and in the end we give away all such packages. Before January 2017, the parish of St. Anne consisted of 4 people.

As of August 2017

  • 13 people were confirmed
  • 20-40 people now regularly worship on Sundays
  • Sunday School has been established
  • 77 people have signed up for the next confirmation class. All students of the course will receive a set of spiritual literature, issued by LHF. Praise God!

Only with your help can this important work continue. Prayerfully consider how you can help support LHF projects.