Russian woman needs books for daughter’s confirmation

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Hello LHF,

I met a representative from the Lutheran Heritage Foundation at the Michigan District Convention a couple weeks ago, where I served as a lay delegate. My dear friend, Galia, is from Russia. Her childhood home is in what is now called Belarus.

Her youngest daughter is going through confirmation classes at our church, St. Matthew Lutheran in Grand Rapids, MI with my daughter. I would love for Galia to have Luther’s Small Catechism with Explanation and any resources you have on baptism in her heart language so she could more easily study with her daughter.

I see from your list there are resources in both Russian and in the language of Belarus. I always assumed she spoke Russian but maybe it is the language of Belarus? I had hoped these resources could be a surprise gift for her. How would I go about receiving these resources for Galia and any others that you suggest? She is hungry for God’s Word.

Thank you!

Cori S.