Sharing the Message of Life to All the World!

Categories: Devotion

by Rev. Rod Benkendorf, LHF Development Associate

Just recently, I heard that $10 million dollars was raised for one very specific initiative. At first I was in awe – $10 million raised! That’s incredible!

But then I reflected on what it was raised for. It was raised to fund the “abortion pill” in California public universities. Ten million dollars raised to abort unborn babies. Ten million raised to bring death. We need to pray, pray, and pray!

But we can do more than just pray. If that much money can be raised to bring death, how much money can we raise to support life?

In 2019 alone, LHF has produced over 100 Lutheran titles in more than 30 languages – over 500,000 books and pamphlets that proclaim the Life-Giving Gospel. Imagine how many lives could be impacted by $10 million. At $5 per book, that would be 2 million books!

Imagine 2 million individuals/households reading in their own languages about the Savior, Jesus Christ – who loves the little children, and died that they may live!

Is $10 million an outrageous goal? Well, that much was raised to support death. How much are we willing to give to support life?

This Christmas, every $100 gift shares the Good News with 20 or more individuals/households. You can make a “Life” impact – an Eternal Life impact! – by telling of God’s deep, never-ending love for them in a Gospel book, in their own language.