After more than 50 years owning successful landscaping and greenhouse businesses, Bob and Betty Koch know how to make things grow. Now, they’ve found a new way to grow their gifts to the LHF mission — a life insurance policy.

Kochs life insurance spotlightThe Kochs have been LHF donors since the organization was founded, but they wanted to find another way to provide long-term support for the mission.

“In recent years, we travelled to Africa, China and Japan, where we witnessed the people praying to false gods and saw their spiritual needs,” Betty explained. “That’s what really pushed us to find other ways to give a little more to the Lutheran Heritage Foundation.”

In addition to including LHF in their will, the Kochs’ financial planner suggested that the couple take out a whole life insurance policy, which LHF would own. While the Kochs pay the monthly premiums, LHF is listed as the beneficiary.

“Bob and Betty have discovered an excellent way to make their investments work for them and for LHF,” said Rev. Robert Rahn, LHF founder. “Though their monthly premiums are relatively small today, the benefit to the LHF mission will one day be substantial.”

The Kochs believe that the solidly Lutheran books LHF translates and publishes are an important part of spreading the Gospel worldwide.

“We are not able to preach and teach in the far parts of the world, but with our gifts, we can support Christ’s mission to ‘go and teach all nations,'” Betty said. “With our financial gifts, some of this work can be carried out throughout generations to come. It’s a privilege to feel a part of LHF and its wonderful work, which by God’s grace, will continue for years to come.”

To learn more about including LHF in your estate plan, contact your lawyer or financial planner who can tell you about the specific laws governing your state.