Thank you, Nebraska North LWML

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LHF would like to thank you for the generous support of the LHF Mission through your mission mites. In 2013, 14 seminary students in South Sudan were in the middle of their vicarages and getting ready to finish their fourth and final year in this journey of becoming an ELCS-SS ordained pastor.

Sudan seminary classroom

The mission grant of $7,500 at your 2012 convention played a huge part in helping LHF reach this goal. More than just being given the financial means to continue these seminarians had the encouragement of knowing that you believed in them, were praying for their success and were willing to financially support this huge mission in Sudan.

Seventeen years ago when 5 Small Catechisms and a Book of Concord were shipped to Andrew Elisa in Sudan, no one could have possibly seen the fruit that those six little seeds would produce. The growth of the ELCS-SS has been nothing short of phenomenal. Today there are more than 100 Lutheran churches, 5 Lutheran elementary schools and two kindergartens located in Sudan. The demand for ordained pastors to administer to all of these new Christians continues to grow at a fast pace.

Without the financial support of groups, congregations and individuals like the LWML Nebraska North District, many of these men would not be financially able to attend classes and study, and take care of their families. The amount of money that they receive gives them the confidence that they can conquer this huge undertaking of ministering to God’s family and still take care of their families at home.

Again, thank you so much for not only the helpful donations, but also your prayers. May He continue to bless you and the mission work of the LWML Nebraska North District!