Thank you, LWML Carolina district

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Greetings from the Lutheran Heritage Foundation!

We would like to thank you for your generous support of A Child’s Garden of Bible Stories.

With your prayers and funding, we were able to translate and print 2,000 of the simplified Chinese books to share with families throughout Southeast Asia. The books will also be available here in the United States for pastors and churches to share the Gospel with immigrant families.

While A Child’s Garden is meant for children, the Holy Spirit has also worked in the hearts of many their parents and other adults, who have comprehended the Good News and come to faith in Jesus Christ. The book is free to those who need it, so by giving $2,000.00, the Carolinas LWML has definitely helped plant the seed of Christ and His mercy in many young lives!

“There is no other book like this in Southeast Asia,” said Rev. Ted Nathalang, LHF’s coordinator for translation projects in that area. “Even if there were, a child’s book would be an unaffordable luxury for many people. Now the parents have something they can use to teach their young children about the Savior, Jesus Christ.”

Again, thanks so much for not only the helpful donations, but also your prayers. God has used your hands and your gifts to call His dear children. May He continue to bless you and the mission work of the Carolinas LWML!