Thank you, Central Illinois LWML

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The Lutheran Heritage Foundation would like to thank the LWML CID for your past and current support of the LHF mission to translate, publish and distribute Lutheran materials that help everyone understand “What does this mean?”

The Holy Spirit has done great things with the mites of the Central Illinois LWML District. Your combined support means that over 3,500 people have received Lutheran books in their own language, planting the seeds of faith in Jesus Christ helping it grow.


Your support of LHF’s third edition Spanish Bible with Small Catechism helped provide 24,000 Bibles to be printed and distributed throughout South & Central America.
In addition, many were sent to various locations in Illinois, including some used for prison ministry. Many have been used to evangelize to detainees along the U.S.- Mexican borders who have entered our country illegally. God can use this for good; many now have their own copy of the Bible for the first time. The copy of the catechism in the back means that they can learn and study on their own in their quiet time and when sent back to their country can spread the Good News there. God is doing great things through your mites!


Your support of A Child’s Garden of Bible Stories in the Kusaal language has been a huge blessing. Rev. Nicholas Salifu has chosen this book along with the Small Catechism as two of the textbooks used at Concordia Preparatory School in Ghana. This year, over 325 children, preschool through second grade, are learning the Bible and memorizing Bible verses that will be in their hearts and direct them always. Remarkably, half of these young students come from Muslim families. God is doing great things through your mites!


Rev. Jeffrey Kuddes called LHF to request the Malagasy Small Catechism for a medical mission trip to Madagascar. We had to tell him that currently we were out of this publication and that it wasn’t in the budget to print at this time, but the CID LWML’s gift of $963.90 came unexpectedly and filled this request. God’s timing is always perfect!


The CID LWML District has helped put into motion the translation of A Child’s Garden of Bible Stories into the French language. Today there are currently 50 French-speaking countries in the world that will be able to utilize this current translation. We are happy to report that with your support the Old Testament is completely translated and 10 New Testament stories are done. Soon French speaking children around the world will have this treasure that we have enjoyed and learned from as children here in the United States. His Holy Spirit grows the kingdom!


Your support of Lutheranism 101 for Latvia provides literature to both pastors and lay people that examine our Lutheran faith in a fresh way. Today more than 41% of Latvian population professes to be non-religious. Lutheranism 101 teaches them the basics of the Lutheran faith and equips them to have meaningful discussions with people of differing confessional faiths, stand firm and not be swayed.

We at LHF are truly humbled and deeply appreciative that the Central Illinois LWML has chosen to support LHF’s mission so often. Your continued faith and partnership in this mission has provided much hope to people living in darkness around the world.

In Mark 13:5 Jesus said, “Watch out that no one deceives you.” The CID LWML has been instrumental in keeping those new to the faith informed and ready to discern facts that are right from those that would lead them astray. Missionaries and pastors in these countries where the Lutheran faith is new cannot always be there to explain the faith, but being able to leave behind materials in someone’s own language helps safeguard and even deepen their faith for generations.

Again, a much heartfelt thank you!