Thanks from the Del Institute of Technology

Categories: Book Requests

In today’s morning mailbox…a word of thanks from Indonesia for LHF’s Bahasa translation of the Small Catechism. Your prayers and support help this happen!

“Good morning. By this email, I am represented Del Institute Of Technology especially Engineering Management 2016 would like to thank for giving the free books for us so that it can be used in our daily activities. It is very surprising that we could get these books because these could be the way for us to deepen our knowledge to know more about Christians’ religion. These books are really special because there are so many explanations provided in it which make us easier to grasp it. We are really excited for having these books. Although we can not directly say thank you face to face for giving these great books, hopefully this email can be the way to tell that we are really [filled with] gratitude for having a chance to be owners of this book. May the grace of Jesus Christ always be with us and may by sharing these books, God’s gospel will be told for everyone in the world. Once more, we thank and Jesus bless us.”

Signed, Gratia S.,
Del Institute of Technology