Virginia woman needs Korean books

Categories: Book Requests

Dear LHF,

Hello, I am Andrew, and I am a member of Living Savior Lutheran Church in Virginia.

My wife’s native language is Korean, and I am interested in introducing her to the Lutheran faith by providing her with Korean-language Lutheran materials, such as the Small Catechism or other parts of the Book of Concord.

I saw an announcement from 2014 on your website that the LHF was working on a new Korean-language translation of the Book of Concord. Would you know the status of that project? Would it be possible to obtain a copy of it, or a draft of it? If this publication is not available, would an older Korean translation of the BoC be available? (The 2014 announcement mentioned that the Book of Concord had been translated into Korean, but the translation was outdated.)

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you,

Best regards,
Andrew H.

LHF will be printing portions of the Book of Concord this fall. Visit to see what books are available.